Fashion and colorful men’s suit

Why do so many men limit themselves when it comes to wearing colorful plaid suits? Why do we think people judge us because we have on a orange or pink suit? Why should we care? Most guys are afraid of colorful suits because they feel it will make people question their sexual orientation. A pink seersucker suit or pink linen pants will not make people think less of you. If you think very highly of yourself.

Until very recently, most men felt very uncomfortable wearing a pink dress shirt with their suit. My company winstonandlee started making pink shirts over 10 years ago and it was a challenge convincing men that it was ok to wear a pink shirt with a navy blue suit.

Fashion is art, dressing up should be a way for people to see your playful side. Its an expression of who we are inside. Depriving ourselves this expression is like living a life not fulfilled. These days, I seldom make navy or black suits. it is the most boring color to me. Except if it is done in a nice Cerruti wool fabric. Personally I feel dark suits are made for only two things, funerals and job interviews. Period. They serve no other purpose. They are very boring and says nothing about the man that wears one.

Two years ago I was in the 9th district in Paris with my kids mom and I noticed a gentleman wearing a pink suede slip on shoes, had on a blue blazer on a yellow cotton dress pants with a yellow thin briefcase to match. His pink cotton shirt completed the “hookup”. I remember getting back to my apartment that evening and started looking for a pink suede shoe, but I did not find any one the internet. I was so heart broken throughout my vacation that I did not ask the gentleman where he got the pink suede slip on from. I got back to the State and asked my shoe manufacturer to make me a black and pink leather shoes, because I was convinced the American man was not ready for a complete pink suede shoe. And I was right. As nice as the shoes look, I have not been able to sell one of them. I am sure the American man is not quiet there yet. It may take some time. But I am willing to be the pioneer. Just like with the pink shirt 10 years ago.

American men need to start embracing and including color in their suits. Instead of the usual black or navy suits. We all want to express ourselves in our own way. You cannot accomplish that if you look like everybody else. A colorful suit tells everyone that you are confident and don’t give a —— what other people think.