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Winston & Lee
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 14 reviews
 by Dare Odugbesan

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND INCREDIBLE FASHION AND FABRICS. I'VE RECEIVED SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY W&L PIECES. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Winston & Lee. I highly recommend this service for your next menswear.

 by Frank Williams

The first time I saw the suits was on line. I liked the styling and decided to contact after reading the description to gather more information. I spoke with Walter and we had a great conversation. We spoke of suits and shoes. I was very comfortable with Walter and he promised if I wasn't satisfied that my money would be refunded. Well,here I am a few suits later and going strong. The suits are excellent,the shoes are great and Walter is excellent representative. He listens and gives you just the right amount of guidance. I assure you, you will be impressed by the fabric and the fit and finish of each item and they also add a custom tailored option.

 by Aaron Tuffin

Ive had my eyes on these suits for awhile and made my first purchase on one of the cerruti 180 suits. And Mr.Walter has went and beyond to make sure my first suit purchase was of great quality, service, and communication as well And even when there was troubling finding suits in my size, Mr.Walter made sure to accommodate my style and showed me variety of suit collection and helped me find the right suit for me and I appreciate him greatly for it. And got my package and tried on the suits and fell in love with em. To anyone they make feel iffy about ur purchase on these suits, take it from me you will not be disappointed and Mr. Walter will make sure to get you right n find that dream suit for you 💯💯💪💪.

 by CH

I have been working with Walter the past couple of months and I've completed the purchase of one suit with the intention of purchasing three more. Fabric quality is excellent, they have a variety of options for lapel sizes, pocket styles, etc. The most important thing for me is great customer service and availability and Walter certainly provides that. I've had a great experience with Walter thus far, and as aforementioned I'm intending on purchasing 3 more suits. I highly recommend him!

 by Robert Voity

Unfortunately the words I write cannot suffice. The words you read will not convey the feeling you will have when you finally have the privilege of wearing one of these suits. It is something one can only experience. The cut, the fabric, the fit, the construction, the style, the craftsmanship, the drape, the detail, and finally the look you will have when you see yourself in the mirror. Once I wore my first suit, I went back and saw the possibilities of what’s to come. It is something I can only describe as when you first walk into a candy store as a kid and see the wall to wall options of candies you can only hope your dad will let you have. The possibilities of filling my closet with pinstripes, checks, windowpanes, plaids in blacks, blues, greys in two piece, three piece. If you are not a loyal customer for life after knowing you are practically stealing this work of art at this price you will be once you have dealt with Walter. He is the nicest guy, a pleasure to speak to. I can always remember the people I have met in my life who truly possess a gift. Walter is one of these individuals who can inspire through his needle and thread. It is immediately evident the passion and love he has for his art. He could easily take his gifts and move on up and we would only know of him when they speak his name on the red carpet but he is true to his heart and mission. He wants his customers to be happy and look good. And wearing his suits, I am not shy to say, I look good! I remember returning to my closet and putting on that first suit for several days just to keep admiring how good it looked…lol. It’s like falling in love … All over again. When I first started wearing suits many years ago, I loved how I looked. I can say, I have the same feeling again. It goes back to the feeling. If you have ever had that feeling, trust me, you will have it again when you get your fist suit. These are investments. The quality you get at the this price point is unheard of. If you want to keep buying a Toyota for the price of a Toyota, please be my guest, go to the department store and don’t look back. If you want to buy a Rolls or Lamborghini for the price of a Toyota, count yourself blessed to have found this place. You would be insane not to give it a chance, nay, you would be out of your mind! Well, honestly it will be the other suits in your closet who will not be happy when they see how you look at them afterwards… At the end of the day, why do we do this at all? Why are you here looking at a website for men’s suits?? You want to look your best! And you don’t want to look like everyone else. Believe me, you will look so much better than everyone else! Classy and fashion forward….. elegant yet a dash of edgy. Go ahead! You will not regret it!

 by Gurpreet

Winston and Lee is by far the best suits I own. Their craftsmanship is amazing and the customer service and loyalty is spectacular. Dealing with Walter made the process of ordering the suit easy. Bravo gentlemen!

 by Blake

I purchased the Black classic super 150 Cerruti wool suit w/ wide peak lapel, and the fit and finish was just perfect. The only thing I had to have tailored was the pant length, which is a given on any suit suit you purchase. Walter is such a pleasure to work with and I'll definitely be buying a few more suits from him. My brides dress was the big hit of the wedding, but I got do many compliments and questions about where I got my suit that I think it was a close second! We couldn't have had a more perfect wedding and Walter helped make that happen. The craftsmanship and style of the suit is one that will last many years to come. Rest assured, if you purchase a Winston & Lee suit, you're going to and feel like you're going to turn some heads.

 by Rashid Silvera

I have been in the Fashion Business for over three decades both as a model and "qualified observer"...consequently, I have had the benefit of observing clothiers who have employed... style in their substance as well as substance in their style. Walter and Winston & Lee have articulated excellence in my more than a few purchases. Their designs and workmanship is of the highest quality.I will continue to walk long and strong draped in the vests which I purchased recently. Thank for your professionalism Walter...your fashion instincts and information are on target!

 by Dr. Ramon Reyes

These are among the finest suits I've seen in a very long time. The fabrics are spectacular and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Walter is a marvelous and super seller! His descriptions are true to its word. He ships fast and keeps track every step of the way. I am a very pleased customer and look forward in purchasing more suits from Winston and Lee. Cheers!

 by Alpha G Woods

If you are like me you looked at the material and cut of Winston and Lee suits and thought they are too good to be true. Before I purchased I tried desperately to figure out how these suits were going to match the quality of the photos at their price point(The photos do not do these suits justice). I have paid considerably more for suits that will never make it out of my closet again thanks to the pieces I have acquired from Winston and Lee.
If you're on the fence and suggest jumping off and taking advantage of this suiting. It will change your wardrobe.
The spring collection is looking sharp!

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