Tee Shirt Collection

Vision & Mission with Tee shirt collection – COMING SOON!

Eco-friendly clothing – Why it is important

Every once in a while we are confronted by the choices we make about how we live our lives
and the impact that it has on our society and planet.

Sustainability in fashion is not a trend anymore. It is a fight for our survival. We may not all be
in the position to make the imperative changes that would allow us to live healthy lives.

But if we all do our little part in choosing to support companies that use eco-friendly materials in
their manufacturing, we may be able to do just a little bit to make a long lasting difference.

It is a welcomed challenge for companies to reach 100% sustainability and still be a luxury
brand. But we can all try in our own little way to make a change.

Our vision: With Winstonandlee tee shirt, we aim to use the collection to express and
communicate our feelings and thoughts on how our actions impact our world and the way we
relate to one another. Our products are made ethically using recycled waste products, organic
cottons and faux leathers made from fruit skins.

Our Mission: Our hope is that everyone will see the humor in our collection and at the same
time, think about how they can in their own unique little way embody and empower ourselves to
realize we can take steps to make a difference, uplifting and respecting one another regardless of
our stereotypes, predisposition and beliefs. So we can all strive for the same common good that
benefits all of us.